Our products are natural and free of harmful synthetic chemicals. We do not use synthetic stabilizers nor do we formulate our Body Butta with any beeswax. As a result, our natural products are packaged in glass jars and are sensitive to temperature changes.

During very warm weather our products may soften or melt in transit as they travel through the heat. We use more protective packaging in the heat so most products do make their journey safely. Unfortunately, melting is a natural reaction to the heat and we have no control over how they reach you in the heat. In an effort to be as transparent about our products below are some tips and tricks to keep your Better Body Butta whipped.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT MELTING On warm days it is best to refrigerate before opening the jars.  If you open items, check to see if melting has occurred so that they won't spill out and make a mess!

**The quality and healing properties of our products are not compromised from melting.**

Whipped Butters: If your item has melted the whipped consistency will change. It will become more like a body oil. We have had customers refrigerate for 20 minutes, scoop out the butter, and whip it back up with an electric whisk beater. The butter has to be very cold for this to work.



During hot weather, we do our best to protect our products from melting during transit. 

  • We check every product before it is packed for shipping
  • We wrap our products in bubble wrap or another padding to add another layer of insulation if needed

As a result, most products shipped in warm weather arrive without melting. But please understand, incidents do occur and unfortunately are out of our control. Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you with getting your product back to it’s right consistency.